Anti-Vaping Online Information Dissemination (AVOID) is pleased to provide a gap funding scholarship (GFS) program. The GFS program helps extend the budget of under-resourced schools and organizations who seek to address youth vaping prevention in their communities using the AVOID program. Therefore, the applicant must be able to describe: their need for AVOID (how many schools/organizations in which they wish to implement AVOID); their capacity (how many schools/organization in which they can currently afford to implement AVOID); and the gap between their current budget and ideal implementation.

Eligibility criteria:

  • Any school or youth-serving organization that wishes to implement AVOID can apply.
  • Applicants must purchase at least one AVOID license to be eligible for the GFS program. The GFS program will not fund full implementation of AVOID.

When applying for the GFS program, applicants must:

  • Describe their interest in and the need for the AVOID program in their community. Include quantitative data (statistics) and qualitative data (stories) that describe why youth vaping is a challenge in their community and how AVOID can help.
  • Outline characteristics of the schools/organizations where you plan to implement the AVOID program. Include, at a minimum, the school/organization name(s), number of students, and grades of students.
  • List current funding capacity to cover any portion of the above listed organizations in which you want to implement AVOID.
  • Describe how the school/organization will share progress and feedback from principals/organization leaders, teachers/facilitators, and students with the GFS program staff.
  • Summarize a plan to use GFS program year implementation data to secure post-scholarship funding for ongoing implementation.

The GFS program has a rolling deadline. To submit applications, please use the attached Word document form and upload it to the

online form

or input your answers directly into the

online form

. The AVOID team will respond to your request within 10 business days.

The GFS is not renewable for back-to-back school years. Contact the AVOID team for additional guidance about other potential funding mechanisms.

* BJ was a long-time KDHRC collaborator and worked in youth drug prevention for a majority of her career, bringing practical, skills- and science-based prevention to schools across the country. Her passion for her work is an inspiration to us all.