What is AVOID?
AVOID is a media-based online toolkit for vaping prevention programming with middle and high school students. The current AVOID toolkit includes five one-hour lessons with videos, discussion guides, and handouts for immediate implementation by a facilitator. Exciting updates planned for February 2020 will include additional features and resources.
Is AVOID evidence-based?
In a word – yes! AVOID was developed with a strong science-base, with vetting from top tobacco researchers and prevention practitioners. A pretest/posttest evaluation of AVOID’s core components with over 200 students found that exposure to the AVOID materials effectively changes knowledge about vaping, perceptions of risk about vaping, and lowers intentions to vape at statistically significant levels. A further, more extensive randomized controlled trial of the full AVOID program is occurring in January 2020 in schools and youth-serving organizations nationwide. For more information about the AVOID randomized controlled trial, email [email protected].
What do I need to implement AVOID in my school/organization?
AVOID is designed for turnkey use. Facilitators need Internet access to download the videos, discussion guides, and handouts. Each discussion guide provides step-by-step instructions and a list of materials needed for the activities, such as large sheets of paper, writing instruments, and a whiteboard. We also recommend printing copies of the handouts for participating students.
How long are the lessons included in AVOID?
Each AVOID lesson is designed to be completed in around an hour. However, the lessons are customizable and can be shortened or lengthened depending on time constraints. The discussion guides estimate the time to complete each activity, allowing you to customize as necessary by shortening or extending discussions.
Do I need to implement the AVOID lessons in the recommended order?
We recommend you implement the AVOID lessons in order, but each stand-alone lesson can be implemented based on your needs.
When will AVOID 2.0 be available and what does the full program include?
AVOID 2.0 will be available for purchase in February 2020. In addition to the videos, discussion guides, and handouts from the current AVOID toolkit, AVOID 2.0 includes:
  • Dashboard for school/organization administrators to assign facilitators
  • Dashboard for facilitators
  • Online knowledge quizzes for each lesson
  • A youth-facing website with additional social media-friendly vaping information
Will I have access to AVOID 2.0 if I purchase AVOID?
Yes, if you purchase AVOID now, you will automatically be eligible to upgrade to AVOID 2.0 at no additional cost.