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The AVOID research brief covers the fundamental research that covers the importance of community-based prevention efforts and an overview of AVOID - our anti-vaping prevention program for middle and high school students.

With funding from the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), KDH Research and Communication developed and evaluated the AVOID (Anti-Vaping Online Information Dissemination) program, a video- and discussion-based vaping prevention toolkit that is implemented by youth-serving, community-based organizations and schools. AVOID is targeted to middle and high schools students and anchored by five brief educational videos that cover critical vaping topics, beginning with an overview of AVOID, reviewing the documented health risks of vaping, and concluding that the known risks of vaping, particularly for youth, are real, substantial, and ever growing as more research emerges.

To reduce youth vaping, AVOID aims, as a first step, to change youth knowledge and understanding of vapes. With increased knowledge, we hypothesize that youth will exhibit more protective attitudes against vapes and greater self-efficacy and intentions to resist vaping. In this research brief, we report the results of a two-group, pretest/posttest feasibility study that assesses a prototype of AVOID to increase youth’s knowledge, heighten perceived risk, promote protective attitudes, increase self-efficacy to refuse vapes, and decrease intentions to use vapes. Without comprehensive prevention efforts like education, policy and environmental efforts can fall flat. All three are needed to make the most impact. AVOID can provide educational support for youth in your community.